Visual Workforce Launch Announcement

Visual Workforce Launch Announcement

Finally, there’s an easy way for IT organizations to create and maintain a living technology, skills, and competency inventory: Visual Workforce.


Visual Workforce is IT focused and helps organizations identify their best employees and map contributions to strategic objectives. Employees can demonstrate skills growth and progression over time while aligning career development with organizational needs. Organizations can utilize data-driven insights to improve training, engagement, and retention.

Historical systems used by IT management make the collection and maintenance of data about their staff’s skills and abilities arduous and fail to capture the level of detail necessary for informed decision making.

Visual Workforce’s SaaS stand-alone platform offers rapid implementation and ease-of-use. Leveraging an open API, Visual Workforce can be integrated with existing applications and customized to meet the unique needs of each organization.

Visual Workforce’s interface utilizes data visualization to expedite and enhance decisions essential to current and future organizational requirements. Visualization streamlines strategic planning, resource utilization, staff retention, precise hiring, and preparedness for growth.

Allison Davis