Open Your Eyes To Your Company’s Potential

Seeing is in fact believing and our visualizations are the key
to making decisions and taking actions – in real time.


 Visual Workforce – See more. Do more.

A universal, easy to interpret visualization of workforce potential.

A fast and secure cloud-based application requiring no capex investment

Provides immediate results for individuals, teams and business managers

Enables data driven insights – taking the guess work out of staffing and hard skills assessments

A collaborative way for managers and employees to plan how to meet their business and career objectives

A 360 solution for the business, line manager, employee and HR to align on business success

Visual Workforce is a preferred solution provider for companies that rely on a skilled workforce for business success –
like IT Services, engineering and architectural firms and more

Accelerate M&A synergy and integration while reducing transaction risks


Visual Workforce Delivers: 
SCIPs, VisOps, vGraphs

How proficient is your talent in critical, high demand skills?

SCIPs™ provides the answer. SCIPs (structured capabilities inventory profiles) for individuals or teams. SCIPs simplify the difficult task of assessing hard skills and competencies. SCIPs represent the current state of an individual contributor, team or technical organization. Visualizing the current state provides insight for professional development.


To be competitive and win in your space, what does the ready state for your talent and organization look like?

VisOps™ enables you to visualize your ready state – the goal state your company needs to achieve to deliver value to your customers. 

VisOps provides a skills acquisition plan for each worker.

VisOps provides managers the profiles they need to grow their people and deliver results to the business.  


How do you see and close the skills gaps that derail projects, that limit your potential for winning new business?

vGraphs™ illustrate the gaps – your roadmap to a capable and proficient workforce.

With Visual Workforce training and education dollars are redirected to close the gaps – optimizing employee contribution.

Hiring plans are focused on hiring the right talent at the right time to win bids, complete projects and improve the bottom line.


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