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Visual Workforce lets you manage your
team’s skills and proficiency so you can
act today and plan for tomorrow.


Our Mission

Visual Workforce empowers companies and employees to leverage one another
for maximum combined benefit today and tomorrow. 

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Visual Workforce is a revolutionary SaaS solution that allows companies to make more informed business decisions to achieve corporate initiatives faster, easier, and less expensively than they have in the past. We automate the capture of critical skills and capabilities data of individuals, groups, departments, or entire companies to provide business analytics for data driven decisions. Through powerful, easy to interpret visualization tools, Visual Workforce identifies skill gaps in both current and future states and provides a path to close those gaps.

Our Story

At the heart of great software is a tool that solves problems for users. Two years ago, our founder David Ingram set out to create an internal tool to differentiate service offerings and make his recruiting company more profitable and competitive. Through direct engagement with his clients, listening to their specific needs and goals, this internal tool morphed into a powerful platform that drove improved results for his client base.  After thorough research and conversations with industry professionals it was evident that there was a significant gap in the marketplace for a new kind of solution and Visual Workforce was created to fill the gap.

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