How Do We Currently Manage Skills?

How do we currently manage skills?


How organizations manage these assets determines their future. Yet, skills management is most often ignored or neglected by employers. Too often, skills are managed on resumes and rarely updated spreadsheets. Few organizations have an accurate inventory of skills. Work gets assigned without knowing the full capabilities of team members. Planning occurs without an accurate picture of vital assets.

Without skills management, organizations struggle to optimize their workforce. Lack of an accessible and accurate skills inventory impacts productivity, engagement, professional development and retention. An enterprise skills management system can help managers to grow, update and utilize employee skills.

Visual Workforce Enables Informed Decisions

Visual Workforce is an industry-changing way of capturing and analyzing skills and competency data for information technology organizations. It simplifies the way data is captured and eliminates the need for spreadsheets and ERP systems. Visual Workforce exceeds legacy systems by simplifying the collection of a higher level of detailed information coupled with powerful, easy-to-use analysis tools that enable IT management to make informed decisions.

Visual Workforce provides instant access to in-depth information about staff members and teams based on the skills and competencies of each person rather than relying on insufficient or inaccurate generalized role definitions. Visual Workforce’s detailed data is displayed using graphic representations which provide rapid understanding and the insights necessary to optimize the effectiveness of IT operations.

Allison Davis