See the Future of Work

Data driven insights into
skills and capabilities for
individuals, teams and projects


KNOW Your Workforce
Like You Know Your Customers

SEE at a glance the skills and proficiency levels you know your company needs to delight your customers, win competitive bids, retain top talent, and deliver projects on time and on budget.

Consistent and rapid analysis of workforce proficiency in critical skills 

Reliable justification of spend for the headcount and training you need

Data driven insights predict readiness for success

Manage talent to be proficient in the most needed skills and capabilities


 Is Visual Workforce Right For You?


Visual Workforce provides business intelligence that limits risk. Protect investment in hiring and training ahead of the business plan.


With Visual Workforce you empower talent by providing insight into required proficiency in hard and soft skills and use insights to deliver on commitments that will delight your customers.


Your intelligent Visual Workforce plan aligns with key business strategies to increase profitability and organizational productivity.


Ready To Grow

Use visualizations to DISCOVER all the skills and capabilities of your technical workforce

Define the ideal Ready State for an employee, a team, and organization.

Visual Workforce offers the unique feature of capturing your Ready State in intuitive graphs called Visual Workforce VisOps™.

Using a consistent framework called Visual Workforce SCIP™, you capture a Structured Capabilities Inventory Profile for individuals which can be automatically aggregated to see the SCIP for a team or for a specific role.   

Then Visual Workforce compares the SCIP with the selected VisOp to identify the gaps that impact costs and put projects at risk.

Visual Workforce features vGraphs™ that illustrate at a glance the gaps that may obstruct your company’s growth.

Using Visual Workforce graphical insights you can quickly close the gaps with training, education and the hiring you need to compete and grow.

Replace DIY spreadsheets, incomplete files and drawers of papers

See for yourself Visual Workforce visualizations that open your eyes to workforce potential!

✔ SCIPs survey hard and soft skills of technical workers

✔ The VisOp illustrates your ready state

Visual Workforce compares the SCIPs against the VisOp provides  AUTOMATED, DATA DRIVEN INSIGHT in the form of Visual Workforce vGraphs

Results you have to see to believe!


Build Your Best Team

Learn How to Build Your Best Team With Visual Data