Case Study: Bridging the IT Skills Gap at a Global Enterprise


ChildFund International’s IT team planned to move its legacy, in-house customer-relationship management software to cloud-based CIO Cheri Spence wanted to better understand the range of skills on her 30-person team and get a sense of who could make the transition to the cloud-based platform.

ChildFund engaged Visual Workforce to quickly gather and identify the current technical skills of each individual and team, plus the full enterprise. With powerful vGraph visualizations, Spence was able to immediately identify critical skill gaps. Her managers could clearly see the skills needed to make the transition to the cloud a success – and then make informed decisions around workforce requirements.

The power of the Visual Workforce platform, Spence says, is to:

  • Identify, engage and develop current employees to achieve their full potential

  • Create a path forward to train employees for new roles

  • Help senior executives make informed decisions such as where to train existing employees, hire new ones, and use consultants for immediate help

In just 6 hours, ChildsFund saved $200,000 in direct labor based on the skills inventory results.

“Visual Workforce helps us build a plan for every person and gives us

a great idea of where people want to go. This product empowers the

team to grow, and enables management to help them on that path.

Our people have embraced Visual Workforce from the start.”

– Cheri Spence, CIO, ChildFund International

Allison Davis