Bryan Bostic

I’m Bryan and I have the honor of leading this amazing team of experienced professionals.  It is so gratifying to impact the personal and professional lives of others and I have always believed in my alma maters’ tagline “Be The Change” (James Madison University). At Visual Workforce, we leverage the skills and competencies of employees to produce incredible data driven visualizations. You can use these visualizations to drive real change in your company; increase retention through career advancement, fill skill gaps to enhance performance, and optimize your workforce to maximize outcomes just to name a few. We enjoy making a difference in your company and in the lives of your employees.  Naturally, we do the same with our own employees.  When relaxation time kicks in, my wife and I enjoy visiting our two 20-something sons at their universities.  You can also find me competing on the tennis court or enjoying a golden beverage at one of Richmond’s world renown micro-breweries (we are #1 in the country, come visit!).