Visual Workforce Announces Partnership with APS Team Solutions

visual workforce is exhibiting at 2019 acec convention and legislative summit

Richmond, Virginia | 05 September 2019

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Visual Workforce and APS Team Solutions. APS Team Solutions develops business leaders and teams through relationship-based coaching and consulting, moving theory into everyday application.

Visual Workforce’s cloud-based, platform offers a live skills inventory to enable business leaders to enhance their approach to skills management and maximize the capabilities and performance of their teams.

David Ingram, Founder of Visual Workforce states, “We are excited to partner with APS Team Solutions as we share a powerful commitment to client success and individual growth in the workplace. The goal of this new partnership is to provide business leaders with the capability to develop stronger teams through a blend of data and best practice. Together, our aim is to best serve our current and future clients by offering industry leading tools, resources, and practices that will help business leaders and teams achieve their business goals.” 

Tammy Marino, Founder and Principal Consultant of APS Team Solutions states, “Our new partnership with Visual Workforce allows us to give our current and future clients critical insights into how to best invest in their most important resource: their people. The Visual Workforce focus on customer success aligns perfectly with that of APS Team Solutions and further adds to the excitement we feel over this new partnership.”

To learn more about the partnership between Visual Workforce and APS Team Solutions please use the contact information below:

Visual Workforce:

Dave Ingram

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 804-282-3021


APS Team Solutions:

Tammy Marino, Principal Consultant 

Email: [email protected] 

Tel: 503-609-0769


About Visual Workforce 

Visual Workforce is a revolutionary SaaS solution that allows companies to make more informed business decisions to achieve corporate initiatives faster, easier, and less expensively than they have in the past. We automate the capture of critical skills and capabilities data of individuals, groups, departments, or entire companies to provide business analytics for data driven decisions. Through powerful, easy to interpret visualization tools, Visual Workforce identifies skill gaps in both current and future states and provides a path to close those gaps.

Allison Davis