E-book: Iceberg Ahead- How To Create a Better Team Through Visual Data


Every day the leaders, managers, and CEOs of the business world proceed at the helm of their vessel, without an accurate understanding of the state of the company below decks. Complacency creates an environment of reactive resource planning. In business, you need to be able to shift course quickly, and the linchpin is having accurate information about your team and the skills needed to keep alignment. Ignoring this aspect of leading people can carry grave consequences.

How Can the Skills Gap Negatively Affect Your Business?

  • Lowers staff productivity

  • Inhibits customer service and engagement

  • Shrinks sales and decreases profitability

  • Stifles speed to market

  • Increases security risk

  • Reduces competitive edge

In spite of these potential outcomes, only 1 in 3 organizations have a formal process and resources in place to address the challenges of the skills gap. Even more concerning, 54% of organizations acknowledge they struggle to identify and assess the depth of skills gaps in their workforce.

Ready to take a more proactive approach to skills planning? In Iceberg Ahead, we dispel common myths about skills planning and walk you through the most effective way to proactively manage your most valuable assets- your people.

Allison Davis