5 Lessons to Learn from Amazon's Investment in Upskilling

You may have recently heard the extraordinary news that Amazon is spending $700 million to upskill its workers, citing a critical shift in the US workplace towards digital skills and automation technologies. The simple truth is that there are more than 1.4 million unfilled jobs in the US today, resulting in a massive skills gap in our workforce. People cannot keep up with the pace of digital transformation, while employers are struggling to recruit people with the right skills to adopt new technology. 

The answer? Upskilling existing employees to take on the next generation of job duties. In fact, any organization can follow Amazon’s lead and incorporate upskilling into their skills management strategy.  An upskilling strategy will effectively future-proof your business or organization.

We’ve analyzed the environment and have prepared a report called “5 Lessons to Learn from Amazon’s Investment in Upskilling”. It contains the following key lessons, explained in detail in our report:

  1. Technology Does Not Replace People But Reprioritizes Skills

  2. Competitive Labor Markets Means Employers Must Look Internally for Talent 

  3. Rely on Data to Drive Effective Training Programs 

  4. Plan Ahead- Upskilling Starts with Skills Planning

  5. An Investment in Upskilling-- Big or Small -- Offers a High ROI

Our exclusive report provides an in-depth guide to creating an upskill strategy, including tool and process recommendations to do the job quickly and efficiently, without breaking your budget. These lessons are applicable to any business and industry and offer key insights that will keep you competitive and growing into the future.

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