Using a Skills Matrix to Attract, Retain and Upskill Your Resources

Visual Workforce enables the quick development of a Skills Matrix

Effectively harnessing the power of your employees and contractors has never been more important. Building a Skills Matrix to document your workforce’s skills, experience, aptitude and interests is central to deciding who to assign to important projects, clients and initiatives. The problem is that building a Skills Matrix requires time and energy that most organizations can’t afford to spend.

Until now. Visual Workforce is a cloud-based tool that automates the development of Skills Matrices as part of a larger set of visual tools designed to help your organization attract, retain and upskill your resources.

With Visual Workforce, you can identify your resources based on:

  • Certifications

  • Industry experience

  • Hard or Soft skills

  • Similar project work

  • Third-party evidence-based systems

Using this powerful platform, you will know who to add to your workforce, what kind of training to provide your employees and how to retain your top talent by investing further in their capabilities.


In just 15 minutes, you’ll see how Visual Workforce will quickly define your workforce and automate the development of a Skills Matrix to drive business results.

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