Differentiate Your Offering and Win More Deals with Visual Workforce

Every edge matters. Differentiate your company by highlighting your people’s experience and capabilities to deliver a better, winning response.

Aligning your sales pursuit teams to specific prospect needs is the difference between winning and losing career-making deals. But it’s unique and innovative insights that help to differentiate you from the competition; insights that found through Visual Workforce: Sales Pursuit.

Here’s how:

  1. Quickly visualize who in your organization is best suited to answering specific client requests

  2. Assign the absolute best qualified people to support your sales / proposal response based on:

    1. Technology skillsets

    2. Industry experience

    3. Soft skills

    4. Similar project work

Connecting the right people to the right sales opportunities serves as the foundation for your growth. Over time, Visual Workforce: Sales Pursuit allows you to evolve your team’s capabilities and become more successful.


In just 15 minutes, you’ll see how Visual Workforce will quickly define your current resources, match them to the best sales pursuit opportunities in your portfolio!

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