Winning the Human Side of M&A

Identifying human capital assets is the secret to a successful outcome

In the complex world of mergers and acquisitions, it's important to remember that in virtually every case, you are acquiring human capital in addition to all other forms of capital, like intellectual property, bricks and mortar and other tangible and intangible assets. Understanding the depth of skills and expertise of the human capital involved is imperative to ensuring a successful merger or acquisition. But the challenge remains: how do you find out who is most valuable, has the most expertise and can adapt the best to the requirements of the new entity?

Here’s how: Visual Workforce, a cloud-based platform that automatically baselines human capital assets, their hard and soft skills, and their professional experiences in a powerful, visual way.

Visual Workforce helps to identify human capital assets based on

  • Technology skillsets

  • Industry experience

  • Soft skills

  • Similar project work

The real power of Visual Workforce goes beyond identifying resources; it also helps to identify opportunities to re-direct human capital assets into complementary positions, increasing the likelihood of retention in a stressful, complex time. After the merger or acquisition, Visual Workforce can be used to further build career paths for the combined teams that drive evolution and growth.


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