Optimize IT delivery with Visual Workforce

There’s never been more pressure to deliver than in today’s IT world.

The challenge of developing your IT team's skillsets has never been harder, or more important. Enter Visual Workforce: IT, a cloud-based visualization tool that enables you to:

  1. Quickly baseline your team's proficiency

  2. Map plans for growth

  3. Provide visual guidance into how to progress your team's efficiency, productivity and evolution.

Visual Workforce: IT solves these problems by:

  1. Automating baseline employee and contractor skillsets

  2. Visualizing who to assign to critical projects

  3. Define who needs additional training and where overlaps occur.

Over time, Visual Workforce: IT becomes an essential guide to optimizing the efficiency and growth of your IT capabilities. 


In just 15 minutes, you’ll see how Visual Workforce will quickly define your current resources, match them to the best project opportunities in your portfolio and provide guidance on how to become more efficient and capable over time.

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