Attract, Retain and Cross-train Your Talent to Grow Your Business

People Make All the Difference in Highly-Skilled Architectural and Engineering Projects

Putting together an easily understood view of your people was very challenging until the unveiling of a revolutionary technology called Visual Workforce.

Using a cloud-based approach, Visual Workforce automatically defines your human resources, documents their specific expertise and provides a powerful, visual approach to understanding your capabilities.

With Visual Workforce, you can identify your resources based on:

  • Hard skills and Certifications

  • Industry experience

  • Soft skills

  • Similar project work

Over time, Visual Workforce allows you to evolve your team’s capabilities and become more successful by developing career growth plans and opportunities for additional certifications and training.


In just 15 minutes, you’ll see how Visual Workforce will quickly define your current resources and help you match them to the best project opportunities in your portfolio.

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